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electroCore Medical Affairs

Access educational, scientific research and clinical information and resources relating to our proprietary vagus nerve stimulation technology and our therapeutic areas of focus.

Core Therapeutic Areas

We strive to maximize the clinical potential of our innovative vagus nerve stimulation technology with research and development efforts and collaborative research partnerships. Discover how we are transforming patient care across various therapeutic areas.

Please note: Information about pipeline products or investigational uses of products does not imply FDA approval for these products or uses, nor does it establish the safety or efficacy of these products or uses. There is no guarantee that the pipeline products or investigational uses will receive FDA approval. electroCore does not recommend or suggest use of its medicines in a manner inconsistent with FDA-approved labeling.

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Our Medical Affairs team works to inform and educate healthcare professionals about our medical devices and consumer products by providing clinical and scientific information that can support clinical decision-making. To speak to a member of the Medical Affairs team, please complete the form below.

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    nVNS therapy

    Vagus nerve stimulation is a breakthrough technology that helps control multiple disorders.

    Our History

    Our history

    Founded on the interest in the pioneering concept of using vagus nerve stimulation to improve patient outcomes in a variety of conditions.