Photo of business people at meeting

Our leadership

Our board and management teams are made up of a professionally diverse group of individuals who bring entrepreneurial spirit and experience to our mission.

Management team

The leadership team brings a broad set of talents and skills across the medical device and pharmaceutical industries and has a shared vision that innovation will advance the treatment of difficult-to-treat conditions in neurology, metabolic disorders, and rheumatology.

Photo of CEO Francis R. Amato

Francis R. Amato

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of founder and chief science and strategy officer JP Errico

JP Errico

Chief Science & Strategy Officer

Photo of founder and chief technical officer Steve Mendez

Steve Mendez

Chief Technical Officer

Photo of founder and chief medical officer Peter S. Staats, MD

Peter S. Staats, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Photo of chief financial officer Glenn S. Vraniak

Glenn S. Vraniak

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Chief Commercial Officer Dan Duhart

Dan Duhart

Chief Commercial Officer

Photo of vice president, research Bruce J. Simon, PhD

Bruce J. Simon, PhD

Vice President,

Photo of vice president, quality assurance Mike Romaniw

Mike Romaniw

Vice President,
Quality Assurance

Photo of vice president, scientific, medical and governmental affairs Eric Liebler

Eric Liebler

Vice President, Scientific,
Medical and Governmental Affairs

Board of directors

Our board of directors is made up of a professionally diverse group of senior executives drawn from business, pharma, medical devices, and medicine.

JP Errico

Chairman, Founder, Principal Investor and Chief Science & Strategy Officer, electroCore

Photo of electroCore founder and principal investor Thomas J. Errico, MD

Thomas J. Errico, MD

electroCore Founder
and Principal Investor

Francis R. Amato

Chief Executive Officer,

Photo of David Rubin, PhD

David Rubin, PhD

Photo of Trevor Moody

Trevor Moody

Photo of Jim Tullis

Jim Tullis

Photo of CEO, Publicis Health Nick Colucci

Nick Colucci

Chief Executive Officer,
Publicis Health

Culture of innovation

Innovation permeates every aspect of our work.

Future developments

Explore our areas of focus and where we see nVNS going.