Patient advocacy
and support

We are committed to ensuring appropriate patients have access to gammaCore™ (nVNS), as well as ongoing support to help them with everyday challenges they may face.

Devoted to helping others

We have ongoing relationships with many headache-focused patient advocacy organizations that work closely with the patient community in a variety of ways. We work with organizations to help patients get access to therapy they otherwise would not have access to. We also work with patients to identify ways to improve their understanding of their condition and quality of life. Beyond advocacy, we are pursuing partnerships with healthcare insurers to demonstrate the safety, efficacy, value, and cost-effectiveness.


For individuals seeking information and advocacy about cluster headache, migraine, and general headache disorders, the following links are available:


nVNS therapy

Vagus nerve stimulation is a breakthrough technology that helps control multiple disorders.

Our Culture

Culture of innovation

Innovation permeates every aspect of our work.

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